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3 Worthy Steak Burritos in Queen Creek

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Over the past six months, I have been on a mission to find the best steak burrito (carne asada) in Queen Creek Arizona. I know, I could have gone for the best steak burrito in Arizona, or at least the Phoenix Valley, but truth be told, there’s a lot of burritos out there. I don’t consider myself a “foodie,” but I can confidently identify a good burrito.

During the journey, I found myself sporadically pulling into Mexican food places, mostly because of chance, and not being all that hungry. When the opportunity presents itself, you seize it! Well, I seized it, over and over again until I was satisfied. After too many burritos to count, it only took one bite to declare the winner. Then I went back and declared it again. And then one more time. It was the winner.

Keep in mind; I explored many establishments that didn’t make the cut. In no particular order (until the end), here’s how my list came together.

With a new location in Queen Creek, Some Burros was just too tempting to pass up. It was a solid steak burrito with mild spices and offered a low to moderate grilled flavor. ┬áIt’s a safe choice depending on your spice level.

Mi Casa Guadalajara
Located at the intersection of Ellsworth and Ocotillo, this friendly spot offers a solid steak burrito popular with the locals. I certainly enjoyed my burrito and talked with several other patrons who couldn’t stop boasting about their meals. Formerly known as Rudy’s, Mi Casa Guadalajara still shows off some of the old decors. There is an interesting story behind the name change, so be sure to ask when you visit.

Taqueria Mis Amigos (Winner)
Without a doubt, for me, Taqueria Mis Amigos is the clear winner. Perhaps it’s my particular taste, but this place has my go-to-burrito. With it’s perfectly grilled steak, spices, beans & cabbage, this masterpiece stands alone. It seems that most of the sites that grab my taste buds don’t let the atmosphere get in the way. This place is located on Ocotillo Rd, and won’t initially grab your attention, that is until you order their food.

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