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Arizona Food Fight

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As people from across the country have moved to Arizona, their favorite burger chain from back home tends to follow. We have compiled a list of regional burger chains from various parts of the country that have descended on AZ. They will be placed against each other in a head-to-head battle in a tournament style challenge.

Round 1 Voting Closes On October 18th

The round 1 matchup featuring Five Guys vs Shake Shack will be open for voting from October 12th – 18th. You can vote on either Facebook or Twitter…or you can really make your vote count and submit to both!

Facebook Poll

To vote through Facebook, click on the video title link (takes you to Facebook), or join the Facebook Group.

Twitter Poll

Arizona Food Fight: Regional Burger Chain Challenge

Round 1

Five Guys65.8%
Shake Shack34.2%

updated 10/18/20 12:00 pm

Habit Burger Grill%


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