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Queen Creek, AZ (Menu)

Golfing Tips From A 26 Handicap | Part 2

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That’s right, I went back for more! As you can tell, I’m not exactly a journeyman when it comes to golf. Like everyone, I have my courses and I pretty much stick to them. By the way, The Villages at Queen Creek is the neighborhood that bellies up to this course. So back to Las Colinas! The land of not so many trees and forgiving fairways.

So it’s not exactly a “Lord of The Rings” type journey to get through this course, but it does offer some water and sand traps that may occasionally get in your way. It’s fairly difficult to bounce your tee shots off the homes here, so it ranks high on my list. I was accompanied by fellow Realtor® Dave Bracklow. The day was fairly uneventful as far as trees and traps go, and I managed to land three par’s in a row. I found a little success choking up on my clubs to gain a bit more control, and got some tips on aiming in my stance. My score was +26 through 13 holes.

Like I said, pretty much a normal afternoon other than around the 8th hole. I hit my drive left of the fairway near the fence line. We noticed a gentleman walking around near where my ball landed. Weird. So I went looking for my ball in the area i thought it landed. Eventually I found the ball, but not before noticing the same man standing with his push mower just on the inside of his gate. Just standing…staring….waiting? What is he doing? Say something man! Weird. So I hit my ball and wandered away, looking back cautiously at “Lawnmower Man”! I get a few yards away, and sure as the sky is blue, Lawnmower Man started lawn mowing! Lawn mowing the golf course! Yes. Just simply started mowing the golf course as if it was his own. As if he’d been waiting his whole dam life to mow that grass! That beautiful “greener” grass on the other side. He had probably been mowing his same old boring grass for years and decided this was the day! I’m going to do it! I’m going to mow where no man has mowed before…except for the greens-keeper…the luckiest man in the whole world!

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