The WOA Show Podcast | Thanksgiving Episode

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The WOA Show Thanksgiving Episode is full of fun moments to help kick off the holiday season. Amber & Cooper host this festive episode with a rundown covering a marketplace update from the bat cave, the new trailer for the upcoming episode of Arizona Trails, and a fun thanksgiving burrito recipe! See if Amber’s prediction for James Conner is realized, and this edition of The List gives us 10 of the greatest thanksgiving quotes of all time.

The WOA Show Podcast | The Very First Episode

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Watch the very first episode of The WOA Show presented by WOA TV at Cooper & Amber introduce the new show and go through the rundown. They discuss the upcoming launch date for the Arizona e-commerce marketplace ( and the premiere of the new WOA TV series Arizona Trails.

Movies Featuring Arizona

7 Things Arizona

Dating back to the beginning of show business, Arizona has been featured in movies ranging from blockbuster westerns to desert thrillers. Here are seven we definitely feel earned the right to be on the list.

Real Estate Joe: Should I Build A Swimming Pool

Should I Build A Swimming Pool

Joseph Yu discusses swimming pools in Arizona. Should you build a pool from scratch, or buy a home with an already existing pool. Joseph goes over the pros and cons of each, including options with new home construction pools.

Destination Arizona: Weather

Destination Arizona Podcast Cover

In this episode, we discuss weather in the Phoenix Metro. We cover topics like monsoon, haboob, summer heat, and of course the winter oasis.

Destination Arizona: Water

Destination Arizona Podcast Cover

Destination Arizona Podcast Home In this episode we discuss water in the Phoenix valley. Where does it come from and are there any modern day shortage concerns?