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Legado | Neighborhood In Queen Creek, AZ

Queen Creek Neighborhoods

Queen Creek is home to more than 80 neighborhoods, communities, or otherwise known as subdivisions. Queen Creek neighborhood amenities range from security gates, neighborhood pools, age restrictions, golf courses, and even community centers.

How Common Are RV Gates in Queen Creek Homes?

It’s easy enough to find properties with the description declaring “8 foot RV gate”. Problem solved! Not so fast, just because a property has an 8-foot gate, doesn’t…

Terraranch | Queen Creek, AZ Neighborhood

Terraranch | Queen Creek, AZ

I was out and about the other weekend and decided to check out an intriguing looking neighborhood in Queen Creek. Simply out of sheer curiosity after seeing Terraranch on the…

Montelena in Queen Creek

This excellent little neighborhood sits just south of Desert Mountain Park in Queen Creek, also connected via trails. Montelena is…

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