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San Tan Valley, AZ (Menu)

San Tan Flat

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San Tan Flat is a popular outdoor dining and entertainment venue southeast of Phoenix, AZ, in San Tan Valley. The establishment is known for its rustic Western theme and lively atmosphere.

“All the fun of camping…without having to sleep on the ground,” boasts the San Tan Flat website. This unique restaurant is a favored destination for locals and tourists alike. San Tan Flat has it all: campfires, delicious fare, a full bar, live music & dancing, and even marshmallows for roasting on the open fire.

San Tan Flat features a spacious outdoor courtyard, including a large patio, a stage for live music, a sizable dance floor, picnic tables, an encompassing misting system, and fire pits. The menu supplies a variety of hearty American grub, including juicy steaks and burgers, sandwiches, soups & salads, tangy BBQ ribs, and a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.

San Tan Flat offers various activities and enjoyment, such as horseshoe pits, cornhole boards, and a game room with darts and billiards. The restaurant also hosts events throughout the year, including weekly live music, holiday celebrations, and charity fundraisers.
San Tan Flat is a hot spot for those seeking a fun, memorable tourist and local experience in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

History of San Tan Flat

The history of San Tan Flat dates back to the early 1900s; settlers primarily used the land for farming and ranching. The land owned by The Smith Family operated a cattle ranch on the property. The Smith family also built a small cabin on the land for storage and a place to relax after a long work day.

In the 1950s, Bob Jensen purchased the property as a hunting and fishing retreat. Jensen added several buildings, including a bunkhouse, a kitchen, and a dining hall, and he continued to use the property as a hunting and fishing retreat for many decades.

In the 1990s, a group of investors bought the property and envisioned turning it into an exceptional outdoor dining and entertainment spot. Instead, the investors renovated the existing buildings and added multiple new ones, including a stage for live music and a bar.

Today, San Tan Flat is a go-to hangout and watering hole for locals and visitors, offering an unforgettable eating experience with a rich history and southwestern cowboy charm.

San Tan Flat | Good Old-Fashioned Campfires

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned campfire?! At San Tan Flat, guests can build a campfire in the designated fire pits throughout the property. These fire pits are surrounded by picnic tables and benches, creating a cozy environment for guests to enjoy their meals and drinks while staying warm by the fire.

San Tan Flat provides firewood for guests to use, and staff members are available to assist with starting the fire and ensuring that it is safe and adequately contained. However, guests are responsible for building and maintaining fires and following all posted fire safety rules and guidelines.

It seems obvious, but it is important to note that building a fire can be dangerous. Therefore, guests should follow all fire safety precautions, never leaving a fire unattended and sufficiently extinguishing it before leaving.

Location | San Tan Valley, Arizona

San Tan Flat is in the San Tan Valley community in the southeastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan region in Arizona, United States. The location is at the San Tan Mountains’ base, a prevalent hiking and outdoor recreation range.

San Tan Valley is a relatively new community established in the 2000s and has experienced rapid growth in recent years. As a result, the district contains master-planned residential developments and varied retail, dining, and entertainment options.

San Tan Flat resides in a relatively rural zone of San Tan Valley, giving it a distinctive and secluded feel despite its proximity to Greater Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, the locale is off Hunt Highway, a major thoroughfare, making it easily accessible.

Overall, San Tan Flat’s location in San Tan Valley furnishes a beautiful and scenic setting for its guests to enjoy outdoor eats, socializing, and fun while encompassed by the desert beauty of the San Tan Mountains.

San Tan Flat | A Bikers Haven

San Tan Flat is a preferred stop for bikers in the San Tan Valley, AZ. It is picturesque, making it ideal for motorcycle rides. In addition, the rugged theme and energetic vibe make it an unforgettable stop for bikers looking for some tasty grub and enjoying live music.

There is ample parking for motorcycles at San Tan Flat, making it easy for bikers to park and enjoy their time there. The expansive courtyard also provides plenty of space for bikers to relax and enjoy their meals while the fire pits and live music create favorable and welcoming conditions.

Family Fun at San Tan Flat

San Tan Flat’s extensive, inclusive outdoor space allows kids to roam and play while their parents socialize with friends. It also includes various family-friendly activities, such as horseshoe pits, cornhole boards, and fire pits. To add, guests of all ages can enjoy the large stage and dance floor for live music and some boot-scootin’.

The menu at San Tan Flat also includes options that will appeal to kids specifically, such as burgers, sandwiches, and chicken tenders. Also, desserts, including ice cream and s’mores kits for roasting over the fire pits.

San Tan Flat | Texas in Arizona?

San Tan Flat presents a countrified old West theme showcasing the American West’s cowboy culture, including Texas. The decor delivers cowboy hats, boots, Western-style artwork, vintage signs, and other memorabilia that evoke the feeling of an old-time saloon.

San Tan Flat’s menu also gives dishes inspired by Texas and other cowboy-cooking cuisines, such as barbecue ribs, steaks, and burgers. They are known for their robust portions and bold flavors, a hallmark of traditional Texas-style cooking.

In addition to the food and decor, San Tan Flat showcases live performances that often include country music, further adding to the complex’s Texas-inspired ambiance.

San Tan Flat’s rural southwest theme and menu make it an excellent site for those looking to experience a taste of Texas in the heart of the Arizona Sonoran desert.

The Menu at San Tan Flat

San Tan Flat’s diverse menu slings a mixture of dishes, but one of its most famous items is The Duke Burger. The Duke Burger, topped with bacon, cheddar & swiss cheeses, sauteed mushrooms, and onion, all served on a Kaiser roll. It’s a delicious and filling meal that perfectly captures the restaurant’s privative camping theme.

Other notable menu items at San Tan Flat include honey BBQ Ribs, Steak Dinners, and Surf & Turf. The ribs are also a customer favorite, featuring tender, juicy meat that falls off the bone.

Micki’s Cheese Curds are a noteworthy appetizer choice, featuring eight ounces of white cheddar cheese curds fresh from the Wisconsin farm.

San Tan Flat Outdoor Extraviganza

San Tan Flat is a striking outdoor dining concept where guests can enjoy their meals at picnic tables in a large open-air courtyard. Guests order their food and drinks at the inside ordering bar and then take their food to their chosen table.

Surrounded by trees, the outdoor seating at San Tan Flat includes string lights and other rustic decorations that add to the “roughing it” ambiance. The aura is casual and relaxed, perfect for unwinding with friends and family.

Overall, San Tan Flat’s desert outdoor oasis extravaganza is significant to its appeal. It is a fun and unusual experience for enjoying good food, drinks, and live music in a laid-back, welcoming environment.

Live Music & Dancing | San Tan Flat

Live music is a big part of the experience at San Tan Flat, hosting regular shows by local musicians and bands. The music typically takes place on an outdoor stage in the courtyard, creating a fun and lively place for guests to enjoy.

Multiple genres of music are performed on San Tan Flat’s live music stage, with musicians playing everything from country to rock and blues. In addition, the calendar of events includes regular performances by local acts and occasional special events and festivals featuring multiple bands and performers.

The music typically starts in the early evening and continues late into the night, making San Tan Flat a select spot for nightlife in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Many patrons enjoy coming to San Tan Flat for dinner and drinks and then sticking around for the live music and dancing.

San Tan Flat
6185 W Hunt Highway
San Tan Valley, AZ 85142

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