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Sharknado vs Haboob

Sharknado vs Shark-Haboob

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In the spirit of this year’s shark week and the latest release of “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”, it only seems fair to bring up the obvious possible sequel…”Shark-haboob: Desert Fins!” That’s right, somebody had to say it, cause we’re all thinking it…..right? Anyway, it doesn’t seem any less likely that a haboob during the monsoon season can carry a great white shark, than it does an ocean-forming water spout that produces a sharkpocalypse on the west coast.

Admittedly, the shark would need a little help in the good-timing department. Let’s break it down…if the tornado made it far enough inland and cold fronts were moving across the desert plains, the sharks could transfer from the tornado to the haboob. Think of it like the shark is hitching a ride through California to the Arizona border, only to be picked up by the haboob and carried across the desert, into the Phoenix metro.

The obvious question: which is more awesome, Sharknado or Shark-haboob? The Shark-haboob would definitely have scary possibilities. For example the dust storms from which the sharks would emerge would give them the camouflage and velocity needed to attack their prey. They would also be capable of moving on land with torrential rains causing flood waters to roar through the city streets. Also the sharks would be a little more cranky due to their long journey from the west coast, and the dry heat once they hit Arizona. It would be hard to deny Shark-haboob the victory in this head-to-head sharkpocalypse comparison.


Since this is supposed to be a real estate blog, we should identify the safest cities and neighborhoods in the Phoenix valley to survive a Shark-haboob. It may be safer to stay away from the foothills because many sharks would be collected by the mountain tops allowing them to surf down the mountainside right into your backyard! So if you’re looking at homes for sale in Ahwatukee, you may want to consider South Mountain and the “shark surfing theory”.

If your looking at homes for sale in Tempe, AZ, you may want to consider staying away from Tempe Town Lake. But then again maybe the bodies of water could act as containment for the sharks, keeping the streets safer. So you may want to search homes for sale in Tempe with a private pool, or perhaps homes for sale in Chandler with a private pool like Fulton Ranch. This area could also provide an effective containment system with the many canals running through the neighborhood, as long as the bridges don’t get washed out!

Either way you slice it, sharks falling from the sky are bad, and will most likely affect the resale value of your home. So do your homework, choose wisely and don’t get eaten by sharks……………falling from the sky.

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