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WOA Marketplace

Coming Soon (Fall 2020)

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of an Arizona based online marketplace. We are proud to contribute to the continuing efforts to keep sales revenue within the state of Arizona. Local business owners are the fabric of our communities, so our team is hard at work polishing up the newest member of our family ~

Local Vendors

All vendors in the marketplace are local to Arizona. Support local businesses and keep revenue in your communities.

Trading Arizona

A video series on WOA TV featuring vendors and products from the marketplace.

World Of Arizona

Find products sold exclusively by World Of Arizona. Help us support our communities!

Shop Local

Studies show for every $100 spent at a local business, as much as $68 remains local to only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer.

Local Business
$68 of each $100
Chain Retailer
$43 of each $100
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