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Chandler, AZ (Menu)
Ostrich Festival | Chandler, AZ

The Ostrich Festival

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The Ostrich Festival is an annual event in Chandler, Arizona, celebrating the history and culture of the city's ostrich farming industry. The festival takes place over an extended weekend in March and features a range of activities, including ostrich and animal exhibits, live music, carnival rides, games, and food.

History of Chandler's Ostrich Festival

This unique festival has its roots in Chandler’s history as a significant center of ostrich farming in the early 20th century. During this time, Chandler was one of the world’s largest producers of ostrich feathers, in high demand for use in women’s fashion. In addition, Chandler was well known and famous for their exotic gigantic birds, the ostrich, and the luxurious plumes it produced.

In 1989, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce organized an ostrich race to draw attention to the city’s rich history of ostrich farming. The ostrich race was so successful that it inspired the creation of the Ostrich Festival in 1990. The festival included additional attractions, such as a carnival, petting zoo, and live music performances.

Modern-Day Ostrich Festival

In 2003, the festival outgrew its original location in downtown Chandler, AZ. So it moved to a new, larger venue, Tumbleweed Park, a City of Chandler public park located at the corner of Germann Road and McQueen Road, where it remains.

Today, the annual four-day weekend Ostrich Festival is one of the largest events in the Phoenix valley, attracting over 200,000 visitors yearly and generating millions of dollars in economic activity for the local community.

In recent years, the festival did away with the controversial ostrich races of the past. Instead, the “Ostrich Experience” attraction is where festival goers can meet the infamous Chandler Ostriches, freely roaming their designated area.

Cartoon Ostrich

Family Fun for All at the Ostrich Festival

The Ostrich Festival presents a variety of fun activities and attractions for the whole family, including classic carnival rides and modern interactive displays.

Discover the infamous Chandler ostriches, multiple interactive science exhibits and shows, BMX stunt shows, multi-generational flying trapeze artists, nationally recognized family circus shows, live cooking demonstrations, professional live wood carving, water duck races, pig races, high-energy drum line performances, a living Zoltar fortune teller, and “radical” reptile show and learning experience.

Festival Attractions:

Imaginology STEAM | USA BMX Presents The Monster Energy BMX Stunt Show | The Flying Royals | Dominguez Circus | Ostrich Experience | Jest In Time – Family Fun Tent – Professor Smart | Curiosity Cube | World’s Funnest Photo Booth | Live Cooking with Chef | Mango and Dango | Bear Hollow | Great American Duck Race | Boom! Percussion | Piggy 500 | Living Zoltar | Radical Reptile Show

Carnival Rides:

Zipper | Giant Wheel | Giant Scooter | Wave Swinger | Dizzy Dragon | Kid Town | Starship 3000 | Zombie Carnival | Scrambler | Grand Carousel | Chopper Hopper | Century Wheel | Eagle 16 | Tommy Kangaroo | Rock N Tug | Kite Flyer | Hawaiian Express | The Viper | Quan Runner | 1001 Naghts | Worm Coaster | Tilt-A-Whirl | Mega Flip | Turbo | Firehouse | Super Shot | Scooters | Mardi Gras | Wacky Worm | Jumpin Jumbos | Pirate Jet | Wacky Shack Funhouse | Cyclone | Rio Grande Train | Jumpin’ Jungle

Ostrich Festival Live Music

The festival typically provides diverse music genres, including country, rock, and pop. The festival’s main Stage is in the center of the festivities and hosts headlining nationally recognized acts. These performances are usually the most popular and draw the largest crowds.

In addition to the Main Stage, other stages, including the Community and Family Stages, are located throughout the festival grounds, featuring top-notch local and regional talent. These stages offer a more intimate setting for spectators.

Some of the Ostrich Festival performers in the past have welcomed famous country artists like Craig Morgan and Easton Corbin, as well as rock bands such as Smash Mouth and Gin Blossoms.

Food, Beer, and Local Shopping at the Ostrich Festival

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting the community’s local businesses via the annual Ostrich Festival. Therefore, find various tasty food vendors, local breweries, and upscale arts and crafts vendors throughout the festival grounds, including an expansive Beer Garden and “Vendor Row,” where attendees can experience local wares while munching on their favorite festival foods. Think corn dogs, ice cream, kettle corn, and fried everything goodness!

When is the Chandler Arizona Ostrich Festival?

The festival usually takes place over a weekend in March and runs for four days, Thursday through Sunday. With the official arrival of spring, March is typically a good time of year for outdoor things to do in Arizona. The weather is usually mild and pleasant, with daytime temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the low-80s. The festival organizers only schedule the affair on the same weekend as other major events in the area. Overall, the dates for the Ostrich Festival are chosen based on a combination of factors to ensure that the extravaganza is well-attended, enjoyable, and successful.

How to Get Involved at Chandler Ostrich Festival

The Chandler Ostrich Festival offers many ways to get involved in the festivities celebrating Chandler’s history and culture.

  • Local Vendor – Become a food, beer, commercial, or artisan vendor.
  • Sponsor & Media Partner – Support your local community by becoming a Sponsor or Media Partner.
  • Performer – Be seen and heard by performing your talents on one of the many stages at the Ostrich Festival.
  • Volunteer – Support the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and your local community by volunteering and working at the festival.
  • Attendee – Go check out the Ostrich Festival and all its fun festivities!

Ostrich Festival Summary, FAQ & Info

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor event to attend and enjoy the awesome Arizona springtime weather, check out Chandler’s Ostrich Festival. Food, fun, beer, rides, shows, exhibits, music, and Ostriches, oh my!

Tumbleweed Park

2250 S McQueen Rd
Chandler, AZ 85286

Hamilton Road
McQueen Road

For more info, tickets, and FAQ’s visit ostrichfestival.com.

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