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The WOA Show | Episode 3

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Hi there, and welcome to the WOA Show on the 8th of December, 2022.

WOA Marketplace/Support Local Business

For the last few episodes, we’ve been talking about WOA Marketplace, our excitedly awaited online marketplace designed specifically for AZ-based businesses and shops. This week I wanted to shed some light on another organization that has been supporting local businesses and what it means to shop locally.

Local First AZ is a non-profit organization developed in 2003 whose work connects people, locally-owned businesses, and communities for meaningful actions that build a diverse, inclusive and prosperous Arizona economy. They offer extension resources for business support, rural development, food and farming, green business support, and inclusive economy events and movements.


The 10th Annual Phoenix Festival of the Arts

It’s that time of year to head outside to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather, enrich your cultural side and get your shopping on! That’s right, the 10th Annual Phoenix Festival of the Arts is being held at Margaret T. Hance Park this Saturday and Sunday, December 10th and 11th, from 10 AM to 5 PM. A favorite events for the holidays with a weekend of free arts and culture activities, vendors, demonstrations, performances, and more. Featuring over 150 art vendors, local music, and food trucks, it’s the perfect occasion to bring friends and family out to connect with the local art community. It I mention the festivities are FREE? Score!

Scottsdale Philharmonic Holiday Concert

We are in full-on holiday-mode people, and Scottsdale is bringing the holiday musical jams this weekend. Well, maybe not so much “jams” per se, but rather the magnificent classical orchestral sounds of George Frideric Handel’s iconic Messiah. That’s right, the Scottsdale Philharmonic is performing their Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 11th, at 4 PM at Virginia G. Piper Theater at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are $15 and $14 for Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts members. If you missed it, this concert is in the Arizona city of Scottsdale.

The Scottsdale Philharmonic provides the city of Scottsdale and surrounding communities with a professional symphony orchestra, performing a series of traditional classical music concerts for audiences of all ages.

Adam Sandler Live with Surprise Guest | Footprint Center | Downtown Phoenix

The Sandman himself is coming to town, performing live at Footprint Center in Downtown Phoenix this Sunday, December 11th, at 8 PM. Multi-talented, hilarious, and generous are a few reasons we love Adam Sandler. From comedy, acting and film-making, his infectious personality and down-to-earth nature has won the hearts of fans all over the world.


Suns have lost 2 straight in embarassing blowouts. Back to back losses to the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics have exposed the Suns weaknesses in respect to reliable scorers and physical toughness. The schedule doesn’t let up any time soon either with back to back games in New Orleans this weekend.

With the Cardinals season all but over after the loss to the Chargers in the last game, the only bright side (or is it?) is that Hard Knox is still running through the rest of the schedule. Hard Knox is a sports documentary (kind of) that brings the audience behind normally closed doors, in real-time, as the season progresses. It’ll be interesting to see if we’re actually on the verge of a complete meltdown within the organization. Is this the end of Kingsbury, Keim? Are the Sean Payton rumors valid? If you’re a cardinals fan, or hell, even a football fan, it’s getting close to must-see TV. Hard Knox airs Wednesday’s on HBO.

So things have been a little rough for our Arizona Coyotes since the last time we talked. After skunking the Carolina Hurricanes 0 to 4 the day before Thanksgiving, sadly, they’ve lost all 5 of their games since, against the Detroit Red Wings, Minnesota Wild, Lost Angeles Kings, Vancouver Canucks, and Calgary Flames. They put up some good fights and for most of the games were just a goal away from tying it up. So not like they got skunked by any means.

Now, if you remember, the Coyotes have been on a 14-game away schedule and are back home in Mullett Arena this Friday against the Boston Bruins. I’m really trying to be optimistic for our guy’s homecoming. That being said, the Bruins are number one in the Atlantic Division with an 8 and 1 and 1 record. Yikes, that’s pretty good. Honestly, I think this is going to be a good one…the Coyotes just might be fired up and hungry enough to pull it off.

Plus, the fan turnout should be pretty awesome. I briefly looked into tickets and quickly found out the prices were a bit out of my league. But, isn’t that usually the case the more expensive the tickets, the better the show? At any rate, go Coyotes!

Downtown Holiday Lights Showdown

The Food Section

One of our favorite sections! This week we’re combining food with shopping, gift giving, sweet treats, beer and wine. d’Vine Gourmet in Chandler offers us some legit local AZ food gift options. I should note, we are in no way affiliated with d’Vine Gourmet and they are not sponsoring us. I’ve just personally had a great experience at their Ocotillo store which is simply magical this time of year. Two words – Homemade caramels. Yes, this shop has a huge variety of AZ foods including Queen Creek Olive Mill items, nuts, snacks, candies, spices, jams, mustards, and every type of gift basket you can dream up. Not to mention a plethora of wine and beer options. But to me the caramels are their special sauce. And according to their website, they are award-winning. I’m not even a huge sweets person but I’m all about their little caramel delites. They’re made fresh in house, you can try samples as you shop and then probably walk out purchasing several bags as gifts for yourself….and others of course.

Featured | Chandler Center For The Arts

So this episode seems we have a bit of a performing arts, holiday, local, and shopping theme happening this week so it’s fitting that our featured article is Chandler Center for the Arts. Wow, definitely, giving Chandler some love this week. Tell us Amber, what of the Chandler Center for the Arts?

Amber: As with most the articles I’ve written I find it interesting how certain things came to be. What I’ve found is typically, it’s a collaboration between multiple groups of people. Chandler Center For the Arts is no different. Some highlights from the article…

*First, it’s just a striking, beautiful building. We have some photos of course of the outside. At the time, we weren’t able to get inside but they do offer tours of the facilities.

*The facility was developed in 1988 by Chandler Cultural Foundation, The City of Chandler and Chandler Unified School District as a high school auditorium and a way to entice high-tech companies to come to the city through high-quality living, arts and entertainment options and exceptional schools.

The List

Top 10 Adam Sandler Movies

  1. Spanglish
  2. Click
  3. Uncut Gems
  4. Happy Gilmore
  5. 50 First Dates
  6. The Wedding Singer
  7. The Waterboy
  8. Big Daddy
  9. The Cobbler
  10. Funny People

That’s a wrap! Thanks for watching and be sure to come back next week as we knock out a few more Valley cities in the Downtown Holiday Lights Showdown.

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