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The WOA Show | S2 E12 | When they talk about the Dbacks, some more “Best Of” moments, Haunted Houses

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Introduction | Welcome

Amber: Thanks for tuning into Episode 12 of The WOA Show. This week we’re gonna look back on Arizona Diamondback stories, some haunted Arizona posts in Exchange-O-Gram, and a list of haunted houses open for business throughout the state. But first let’s squeeze in a plug for Hometown Hawk.

Hometown Hawk

Cooper: HometownHawk.com is the newest member of our local Arizona family. It’s a platform we created over the summer that allows local businesses to create a store and sell their products while getting actively promoted throughout our network.

Amber: It also acts as a business directory, allowing businesses to add their listing for free, creating a resourceful guide for the local customers.

Cooper: Did you know that for every $100 you spend at locally-owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community? Compare that to only $43 from a national chain. This means better use of tax dollars through less infrastructure, maintenance, and more money available to improve and beautify your community. It allows for a more interesting and unique hometown, one that attracts new visitors and stands out in the crowd.

Amber: You don’t decorate your house like everyone else, so why would you want your communities to look the same? National chains on every corner have a tendency to do that.

Cooper: Building successful local business campaigns can be challenging, with Arizona being essentially a transplant state. Creating hometown pride is more difficult if a decent portion of the community is only present 4-months out of the year. We’re trying to change this trend by creating more consistent, affordable, active promotions for local businesses.

Amber: Changing this shopping culture can’t be done overnight, but improved marketing campaign platforms like Hometown Hawk are certainly a step in the right direction.

Sports | Diamondbacks

Cooper: The Arizona Diamondbacks are headed to the World Series. That’s right, this Friday, the Diamondbacks are taking on the Texas Rangers in the Fall Classic. Being dubbed as the Arizona “AnswerBacks” by many locals, this team has forged its way through the most unlikely scenario of perhaps any team in history. Well, maybe other than the Texas Rangers…the team they’ll be facing.

Amber: These two baseball clubs combined for more than 200 losses just two seasons ago. This is baseball history in the making, and we are thrilled to be a part of it once again. That’s right, we’re old enough to remember the last time the D-Backs were in this position.

Cooper: The year was 2001; we were in the West Phoenix Valley in an RV campground. We strung out cords, propped up a small tv on a wooden stump, and watched all 7 games of the World Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees. It’s a series we’ll never forget, as it was considered by many to be one of the best in MLB history.

As Luis Gonzalez scored the winning run by hitting a one-out flair over Derek Jeter, our small campground erupted in a mini-roar mimicking the much larger one taking place just 15 minutes east on I-10. It’s crazy to think about, but ultimately, it shows just how old we really are.

Amber: We wish this D-backs team the very best of luck, as they’ve been a joy to watch and support throughout the year, that is, when we were able to watch them. Here’s to a great series and potentially more options for Diamondbacks airtime in the future. Snakes Alive!

The Best Of…

S2:E7 Cooper travels with Amber. #arizonabunnies Amber has budget concerns. #morningwood

S2:E8 Cooper can’t say web addresses very well. #arizonaparks

S2:E9 AZCooperGram makes an appearance. #arizonawaterfalls Star Wars is on the menu.

S2:E10 Cooper receives some mail. #arizonabirds The gang discovers Facebook.

The List | Haunted Houses & Ghost Tours in Arizona

  1. Scarizona Scaregrounds – The Thompson Event Center, Mesa – Touted as Arizona’s Favorite Place of Fear. The grounds have an all new 2023 show Mayhem In The Madness. Scarizona features two haunted houses for one low price. https://scarizona.com/


  2. The Slaughterhouse – Tucson – 50+ horror themed scenes with areas including Necropolis Graveyard, an infested Boiler Room, creepy clowns in Cirque du Slay, an infested underground sewer, City Meats human meat packing plant, The Apocalypse, mini-escape rooms, NERF archery, soccer darts, food trucks, treats, cool merch and more! https://slaughterhousetucson.com


  3. The 13th Floor AZ – Phoenix – Experience the world-famous 13th Floor Haunted House, Phoenix’s Ultimate Halloween event. 2023 Attractions include 1.The Deadlands; In a post-apocalyptic world, You are faced with a devastating virus that has afflicted humanity, causing menacing mutations to roam free. 2. Repossessed; Mara the Nun has crossed into our realm, armed with a malevolent agenda – to unleash the Nightmare Realm, engulfing all in fear and suffering. 3. Depths of Darkness; Amidst a dreadful thunderstorm night, You become aware of an eerie song resonating from the sea. You notice the inhabitants of a nearby small village start displaying peculiar behavior, seemingly possessed by an otherworldly force. The ancient deep-sea nightmare has stirred from slumber. 4. Phobia; This intense fear inducing experience will take guests to levels that 13th Floor has never gone before. Guests will enter a maze in complete darkness and need to relying on their sense of sound, smell, and touch to make their way through physical challenges. https://13thflooraz.com
  4. Haunted Graveyard AZ – Scottsdale – The Haunted Graveyard is a 13 minute haunted house with live actors, fog, loud noises, illusions and details like you’ve never seen at a home. Nestled in the heart of old town Scottsdale, this is a free to the public display, with a $5 suggested donation to keep the magic alive.  There are 665 spooky haunts, but there is always room for one more…https://hauntedgraveyardaz.com
  5. Terror Nights – Tempe – Terror Nights is the premier Home Haunt/ Haunted House in the Valley going into its 13th year. https://www.facebook.com/TerrorNightsAZ
  6. Terror in the Corn – Marana – Tucson’s highest-rated Halloween haunt – is back for its 23rd season scaring Southern Arizona! With brand new attractions, more blood-curdling scenes, and bigger scares than ever before, you’ll want to experience the terror for yourself at Tucson’s greatest, most ghastly haunted experience, happening weekend nights in October at I-10 & Marana Rd. https://tucsonterrorinthecorn.com
  7. Field of Screams – Glendale – Haunted corn maze with new spine chilling scenes every year. Don’t be afraid to enter the corn field that was planted over an old forgotten cemetery? Are the dead now seeking revenge on anyone trespassing their grounds?! Do you dare enter where your most horrifying dreams become a reality?! Don’t let what happened to the others happen to you! https://azfieldofscreams.com
  8. Mount Mayhem Haunted House – Phoenix – In 2022, our bayou inhabitants wrestled with their demons and this year, they are now manifesting the resulting psychosis in a myriad of nightmares, real or unreal, trickery of the mind or simply broken reality. The psyche is clever and what is real or imagined can be impossible to decipher. From hallucinations of whispering voices and visual delusions to the paranoia of being hunted, stalked, experimented on…… the mental torment makes itself known in this season’s Mount Mayhem Haunt, so prepare yourself and don’t let your brain play tricks on you…https://www.mountmayhemhaunt.com
  9. Tombstone Terrors – Tombstone – Welcome to Tombstone Ghosts, the #1 rated ghost tour that invites you to journey into the heart of the unforgiving Arizona desert, where bullets, battles, and blood reigned supreme. Tombstone’s ghosts are too tough to leave the land of the living. https://usghostadventures.com/tombstone
  10. Flagstaff Ghosts – Flagstaff, Arizona, known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon and Route 66, holds more than just scenic beauty. It’s also a doorway to the darkness of the unknown. https://usghostadventures.com/flagstaff
  11.  Fright Night AZ – Clarkdale – When you’re dying to tap into everything take a walk through Verde Canyon Railroad’s HAUNTED HOUSE railcar display stationed at the Clarkdale depot. A frightening monster squad will make all of your nightmares come true. Screeching train wheels and an oncoming locomotive headlight will greet you as you climb aboard. https://verdecanyonrr.com/further-down-the-tracks-at-verde-canyon-railroad/events/haunted-phantom-train
  12. Nightfall Resurrected at Old Tucson – Experience FIVE ALL NEW, TERRIFYING HAUNTED MAZES, FOUR brand new SCARE ZONES, TWO new Halloween STUNT SHOWS, Mentalism at the Mission, four family-friendly attractions, a new musical in the Grand Palace Saloon, and a SEANCE where you’ll endeavor to resurrect a ghastly corpse. https://oldtucson.com/nightfall
  13. Hellbilly Holler – Phoenix –  For the past 13 years Hellbilly Holler has been setting up in North Phoenix. It’s a moderately scary display haunt that is always FREE. In 2020 they won the AZhaunters prize for best display haunt. No lines, no walk through, no actors, no touching. https://www.hellbillyholleraz.com


Wrap It Up Amigos

Thanks for watching this week’s episode of The WOA Show. Please follow us on socials!

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