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The WOA Show | S2:E11 | When they talk about Hometown Hawk, WOA Commercials, Autumn in AZ and Scary TikTok Vids

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Welcome back, and thanks for joining us for this episode #11 of season 2 of The WOA Show. This week, we’ll look back and recap how we’ve gotten to this point, which is the overall 17th episode. We’ll also watch a string of recent WOA Show commercials, some “best of” moments, knock out an Arizona Autumn Exchange-O-Gram, review our October movie list, and check out some TikTok vids. But first, let’s welcome Amber back and discuss what we’ve been working on.

Hometown Hawk

Amber: Hey Arizona! It’s great to be back. Just in time for the fantastic autumn colors and weather, although the weather is a bit stubborn. But we’ll get there soon enough. Let’s talk about the newest member of our family…Hometown Hawk.

Cooper: This past summer, we decided to reimage and rebrand “woamarketplace.com.” We wanted to create a one-stop source for everything local to Arizona. So, we created a site that has three significant points of interest.

  1. eCommerce Marketplace: Local products sold by local businesses. Local businesses can set up a storefront and sell products directly from our platform. Similar to Etsy.
  2. Business Directory: Local business listings organized by category and location. Users can leave reviews, upload photos, and follow their favorite local businesses. Similar to Yelp.
  3. Collections: Category-based lists that combine products and business listings.

Cooper: Our goal is to create a platform that acts as a hub to the active promotion we provide to the businesses and products found on Hometown Hawk. So what’s up with the new name? It’s a long story, but in short, it refers to Hawk being used as a verb. Using “hawk” as a verb in advertising typically means actively promoting or selling a product or service. When someone “hawks” a product, they actively promote it, drawing attention and attempting to generate sales or interest. So we’re hawking hometown products and businesses located in Arizona. Presenting…Hometown Hawk.

Amber: This active promotion will be done in a variety of ways, but none more important than the new YouTube series called…”Tawking Hawk”. “Tawking Hawk” will premiere on Fridays starting in November, featuring the familiar rundown style format based on Arizona cities. We’ll be talking with local business owners in many types of industries. The goal is to create a popular local guide for Arizona consumers to support their hometowns.

Cooper: We’ll keep you informed as we prepare to premiere the “Tawking Hawk” series, but feel free to head over to HometownHawk.com and check things out. It’s alive and ready to promote Arizona!

Commercials | The WOA Show

It’s been a few months since our last show, so we figured we better throw together some clips to remind you…what the hell The WOA Show is all about…cause, honestly, we’re not even sure ourselves.

  1. Official Trailer For Season 2
  2. Abominable Commercial: Amber struggles to say the word abominable, and won’t back down.
  3. Bike Week Commercial: Cooper gets confused about what “Bike Week” means—and plans to wear his bike shorts to the Motorcycle Rally.
  4. Chic Jumps Commercial: After a long night in the studio, Chic has finally had enough of the deadlines being missed, the sloppy writing, and the unbearable working conditions.
  5. Cow Tipping Commercial: Cooper decides to go cow tipping on his birthday, and Amber makes a funny noise with her nose. This leads to some fun video editing and a hilarious misinformation campaign.
  6. Teenage Alien Commercial: Cooper recalls the 1997 Phoenix Lights. Amber thinks it was misbehaved teenage aliens.
  7. Last Of Us Commercial: This “edited for TV” commercial refers to the hit HBO series “The Last Of Us.” The unedited version in episode 3 is a bit more graphic.
  8. Look Real Close Commercial: In the spirit of October, Cooper gets Amber to look real close at her screen, setting up a terrifying startle scare.

The Best Of...

Let’s take a look at some of the more forgettable moments from the New Year’s Eve Episode back in 2022.

The season 2 premiere leads to some interesting conversations around sad dog movies.

S2:E2 introduces the first segment of “Exchange-O-Gram”

S2:E3 Amber recreates a “Styx” greatest hits ensemble…exchange-o-gram takes us to the usery mountains, Cooper explains the smartest TV’s.

S2:E4 We revisit the Phoenix Lights of 1997.

S2:E5 The Ostrich Festival was on the menu. Cooper has a friend from another school. Exchange-O-Gram features Arizona dogs.

S2:E6 Cooper rides a bike. San Tan Flat is on the menu. #arizonabikes #arizonacats Cooper lands the perfect “That’s What She Said”.

S2:E7 Cooper travels with Amber. #arizonabunnies Amber has budget concerns. #morningwood

S2:E8 Cooper can’t say web addresses very well. #arizonaparks

S2:E9 AZCooperGram makes an appearance. #arizonawaterfalls Star Wars is on the menu.

S2:E10 Cooper receives some mail. #arizonabirds The gang discovers Facebook.

Exchange-O-Gram | #arizonaautumn

So, we are well into the fall season here in Arizona beings it’s late October and all and the temps have dipped down to…I guess, below 105 here in the Phoenix valley. Anyways, it’s autumn somewhere in AZ so let’s get on the line and check out the hasbrown #ArizonaAutumn and live vicariously through those people with their changing leaves and 80 degree days.

The List | October Movie List

  1. Deliver Us From Evil: NY Police officer runs into some bizarre events and partners with a priest to help make sense of it all. (based on true events) (2014)
  2. The Exorcist: The Infamous Possession of Regan that started it all. (based loosely on actual events) (1973)
  3. Halloween: Micheal Meyer is bad. In 1978 and 2018…equally. It’s fun to watch the original movie from 1978, then again 40 years later.
  4. The Babadook: This is one of the best horror films of the decade (2014). No spoilers here…just watch it.
  5. It (Part 1 & 2): This 2-part movie was an instant classic (2017) (2019). If you had a feeling it would be scary, like me…you were right. Pennywise comes through. Clowns suck.
  6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface is also bad. In 1974 and in 2022….also equally. Love the bus scene in 2022 when Gen Z tries to cancel Leatherface on social media. That alone is worth your time.
  7. The Conjuring: Based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren who try and help a family terrorized by something bad in their farmhouse. Another instant classic. (2013)
  8. The Grudge: Let it go, man! You’re not a horror buff if you haven’t seen “The Grudge”. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. You have to watch it. (2004)
  9. A Quiet Place: This show is simply awesome in my opinion. It has it all…great acting, great story, and fall-off-your-chair-thrilling! (2018)
  10. The Ring: I said…don’t watch the tape! (2002)

TikTok WOA

Introducing a new segment we are calling “TikTok WOA”. Let’s kick things off with some scary & kinda funny prank videos put on the line by the creatives on TikTok.

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