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The WOA Show | S2:E6 | When they talk about Arizona Bike Week, Trails, Beer, San Tan Valley & Cats

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Week In Review

Greetings everyone, welcome to the weekly World of Arizona review. It was all about living the good life in Arizona last week. ‘Cause that’s what we’re here for right? Living the good life in the World of Arizona, yes, that is right. While other parts of the country are literally still covered in snow, here in the great 48th state, literal outdoor “Good Life” and “Barbeque & Brew” festivals were taking place. That’s right, Arizonians and visitors were stuffing their faces with smoked fare and jamming out to I’m Alright from Top Gun’s musical hero Kenny Logins. Not to mention Kansas coming to town and reminding us to carry on my wayward son and Blue Oyster Cult reminding us don’t fear the reaper.

  • Speaking of festivals, they abound all over Arizona, Bases and Brews Music Fest, Arizona Jazz Festival, AZ Rockabilly Bash, Cave Creek Rodeos.
  • We took a look at some footage from Chandler’s Ostrich Festival which was fun.
  • With the first day of spring comes spring “superbloom”. Spring super bloom is, well, everything is blooming all over Arizona. Instead of a blanket of snow, here in the great state 48 we have a blanket of flowers. How rad is that? Livin’ the good life indeed.
  • The time has come to root, root, root for the home team for Major League Baseball’s season Opener this Friday March 30th. The Arizona Diamondbacks play in LA against the Dodgers on opening day. They host the Dodgers on April 6th for opening day of their home turf at Chase Field in Phoenix.
  • Last week I pretty much lost it so to speak during exchange-o-gram section when we explored the hashtag Arizona Dogs. The photos were beyond adorable to say the least and Cooper’s impressions and story telling on many of the pics were quite entertaining.
  • The WOA’s list was of Popular Arizona Breweries last week but alas the priceless footage was somehow corrupted. Thanks Jared. No worries though we have moved it to this week’s episode.
  • On one more note, March 28th was National Amber Day! That’s right, that’s my name and I learned a little bit more about my namesake. https://nationaltoday.com/national-amber-day/

Arizona Trails | WOA TV Series

For those of you who didn’t already know about the hit series “Arizona Trails” on WOA TV, here’s a little taste of what you’re missing.

So people ask me all the time where my passion for riding bike comes from. The truth is, I don’t really have a passion. I just like riding my electric bike around, mostly because I like exploring. I also like videography. So it’s fun to combine those two things and bring something to life, like a video, that can also be useful for other people, who may be looking for fun trails to ride. I think e-bikes are the coolest thing ever because you have the ability to explore further distances, and get in as much exercise as you are comfortable with. But my journey filming bike adventures hasn’t always been elegant. Check out this clip I put together years ago when I attached my first GoPro to the handlebars of my mountain bike. Pay close attention to my lack of attention, as I fiddled around with the camera.

That was the beginning of what is now known as the video series “Arizona Trails”.

I’m excited to get back out there this summer and grab more footage from a variety of trails. The first two episodes for pretty formal, and that was a fun project, but I’m thinking the next handful will be a bit more informal. It’ll probably play more as a docu-series type show rather than the narrator style like the in the first two. So we’ll let you know on this show whenever new episodes are getting ready to premiere.

Featured Article | San Tan Flat | San Tan Valley, AZ

We do have a theme going on here this week of the WOA show and it seems to combine biking and spring. On that note, let’s take a look at this week’s featured article San Tan Flat in San Tan Valley, AZ. A popular destination for the spring season and bikers alike.

Events | Arizona Bike Week | Scottsdale, AZ

“Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul.”
Not to be confused with bicycling, Arizona Bike Week is everything Motorbiking. Bike in the terms of motorcycle, hog, Harley, beast, ride, the old lady, my precious, sweetheart, beast. Yes, the earth will be a rumblin’ in AZ with Arizona Bike Week, this week, March 29th through April 2nd, Wednesday through Sunday. Westworld of Scottsdale is hosting this years event which marks the 26th Annual Arizona Bike Week Rally. The Arizona spring weather is a bikers dream come true, weather it’s on a motorbike, e-bike or schwinn.

What can you expect at this year’s event? Well, at the top of my head, leather, chrome and tattoos? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Arizona Bike Week Attractions
  • Demo Rides – Harley-Davidson, Indian and BMW motorcycles
  • Used Bike Corral – Sell you bike at the event
  • All Out Dyno Drags
  • Christian Motorcyclists Association – Event Blessing
  • PC Live in the Kickstand Bar & Grill – Pete Cummings bringing music, trivia, games, contests
  • Brigade Freestyle Motocross Extreme Stunt Show
  • Clint Ewing Freestyle Stunt Show
  • Miss Arizona Bike Week Contest
  • Tattoo Contest presented by Old School Tatto
Concerts & Live Music (Rockyard)
  • Texas Hippie Coalition
  • Billy Idol
  • Megadeth
  • Staind
Biker Friendly Bars
  • Dirty Dogg Sallon
  • Jolie’s Place
  • Kimmyz on Greenway
  • Kimmyz Tatum Point
  • SlaughterHouse
  • The Preserve Tavern & Grille
  • HandleBar Saloon
  • Kickstand Bar & Grill
  • Tent camping
  • RV camping
  • hotels
AZ day rides (map)
  • Rough Rider Loop – northwest, Wickenburg, Prescott
  • High Pine Run – north Camp Verde, Payson
  • Roosevelt Dam – northeast,
  • Salt River Canyon – Show Low

Events | Arizona Renaissance Festival

I don’t think we’ve even mentioned this Arizona festival once this year and it deserves at least a little love. It is actually the last week to get your turkey leg fix and celebrate a more medieval time at the 35th Annual Arizona Renassance Festival which is wrapping up for the season on Sunday, April 2nd.

If you’re not familiar with the Arizona Renaissance Festival it happens once a year for two whole months starting in February and ending by the beginning of April. This event is massive and has it’s own designated venue or village if you will that spans over 50 acres in Gold Canyon, AZ.

Festival goers can enjoy 16 stages, non-stop entertainment, jousting tournaments, feasting for miles and an Artisan Marketplace of champions. You can even have the wedding of your dreams at the renaissance festival.

The festival has special themed weekend throughout the months. This weekend happens to be their Fool’s Masquerade Final Huzzah!

Artisan Marketplace Categories:

Adornments, Leatherwork, Lotions and Potions, Metalwork, At Your Service, Musical Instruments, Pewter, Pottery & Ceramic Art, Candles, Prints & Books, Children’s Fare, Unique Specialties, Clothing & Textiles, Weaponry, Glasswork, Whimsies, Hearth and Home, Woodwork

Exchange-O-Gram | #arizonabiking & #arizonacats

Since our theme this week has everything to do with biking in arizona why not explore the hashtag #arizonabiking on exchange-o-gram aka; instagram. Hopefully, we will find a nice mix of bikers riding the trails or roads in AZ. From mountain biking, bicycle riding, dirt biking, or motorcycle cruising, let’s take a look at everything Arizona Biking.

Also, mixing it up and giving our feline friends as much attention as our K9 friends from last week, Tuesday was National Respect Your Cat Day, therefore let’s take a look at #arizonacats too.

The List | Popular Arizona Breweries

  1. Four Peaks | Tempe, AZ | https://www.fourpeaks.com/ 
  2. Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company | Gilbert, AZ | https://www.azwbeer.com/ 
  3. Pedal Haus Brewery | Tempe, AZ | https://www.pedalhausbrewery.com/ 
  4. SanTan Brewing Company | Chandler, AZ | https://santanbrewing.com/ 
  5. Huss Brewing Company | Tempe, AZ | https://www.hussbrewing.com/
  6. Dragoon Brewing Co. | Tucson, AZ | https://dragoonbrewing.com/home/#welcome-section
  7. Sonoran Brewing Company | Phoenix, AZ | https://www.phxbeerco.com/sonoran-brewing
  8. Lumberyard Brewing Company | Flagstaff, AZ | https://lumberyardbrewingcompany.com/
  9. O.H.S.O Brewery & Distillery | Arcadia | Paradise Valley | Gilbert | https://www.ohsobrewery.com/
  10. Mudshark Brewing | Lake Havasu City, AZ | https://mudsharkbrewery.com/ 

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