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The WOA Show | Season 2 Premiere

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Season 2 Premiere | 2023 Introduction & Recap Since New Years

We’re back Arizona! Welcome to Season 2 of the WOA Show, Episode 1 on the 24th of February, 2023. Let’s dive into a recap of the happenings in AZ for 2023 so far.

*Lunar New Year – Year of the Water Rabbit
*AZ Weather – So far this year, Amber sums up the weather in AZ with two words: Passive Aggressive. Our great state’s January and February weather seems to be giving us one or two days of glorious sunshining 70’s weather, then seven days of relentless cold, cloudy, windy, rainy, full of crappola.
*Barrett Jackson – In January, Barrett-Jackson car auctions kicked off Arizona’s major events for 2023 with their annual collector car auction held at Westworld of Scottsdale.
*Water – Arizona has been in the national news regarding water availability. Mainly focused on the Rio Verde area near Scottsdale.
*Winter Visitors – We can definitely feel the presence of Arizona’s winter visitors. Family, friends, first timers have been flocking to AZ to enjoy our pristine weather and partake in our many premier events. Welcome snowbirds and visitors!

WOA Marketplace

Coming up in the next week or so. Two stores in there. WOA and Snazzy Stitches.

WM Phoenix Open “The Greatest Show on Grass”

Scottie Scheffler takes home the Phoenix Open trophy once again repeating as the WM Phoenix Open champion. And I know we didn’t get to see a hole-in-one encore on the 16th from Sam Ryder, but we did witness crowd favorite Rickie Fowler knock one in on the 7th. Truly an amazing shot by Fowler, and it really was just a great week and final round leading us right up to the Super Bowl Kickoff.

Super Bowl LVII | Glendale, Arizona

Super Bowl 57 was held State Farm Stadium in Glendale on February 12 with the Kansas City Chiefs pulling off the victory over the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. I think most people got what they wanted with a close, well contested football game. The weather was great, the halftime show was entertaining, and Arizona business was booming! The Valley was loaded with “Super Week” performances from folks like Tim McGraw, Paramore, Dave Mathews Band, The Killers, Snoop Dog, The Chain Smokers, and Cardi B just to name a few. And of course along with every super bowl we have a contraversy. This year it was the field conditions being too slipery which apparently led to both teams needing to make adjustments. Arizona Cardinal fans finally have something to blame for the awful 2022 season!

Mesa, AZ Launch Party | WorldOfArizona.com

Tune in next week to celebrate the opening of Mesa, Arizona on our website. Your probably wondering what this means, well how about we tell you. If we take a look at worldofarizona.com we’ll find a map will open up by clicking on the location icon at the top of the page. This is where you are able to navigate to different locations across the valley, or at least the location we have ready to go. Eventually we’ll get the whole valley covered as well as the entire state! It’s very exciting for us when we are able to open up a new section. So Mesa will be officially opened up by next week’s episode and that’s when we’ll take some time and go through it with you on worldofarizona.com.

Arizona’s Statehood Birthday | Valentines Day | State 48

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2023, Arizona also celebrated it’s 111th birthday. On February 14th, 1912, Arizona earned it’s statehood title making it the 48th state in the union. Something I just realized recently is Arizona is the last state to be named on the mainland. Alaska is state 49 and Hawaii is state 50. People showed the love for Arizona on it’s birthday on instagram (exchange-a-gram)


Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase | Tucson, AZ

If you are a fan of rock hounding, sparkling gemstones, petrified wood, jewelery of every style, crystal cathedrals, incredible minerals, rare fossils, and cool as stuff made by mother nature herself, the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase is the place for you to visit.

Taking place annually for two weeks at the end of January, beginning of February this show is a sight to behold. Nearly 65,000 people visit the show each year to catch a glimpse of rare stones and minerals from all over the world. 4,000 exhibitors from 42 states and 17 countries at 50 locations. There are displays of everything from rare colored gemstones, meteorites to faceted diamonds and petrified wood. Dealers specialize in loose stones, jewelry, art, beads, polished stones, minerals, fossils, vintage finds, gold, and gifts galore!
Some of Amber’s notable gem show “gems” (pun intended): 

– Yooperlites – I really don’t know how to explain them other than they are one of the coolest rocks, maybe even coolest things I have ever seen. They look like an ordinary rock until you shine a UV light on them. Well then, something magical happens and the inside glows like something straight out of a Sci Fi movie.
– Pairaba Tourmaline – One of the most gorgeous colored gemstone I’ve ever seen
– 15 carat natural brown Alexandrite set in a ring – Okay, the ring itself was not exactly my favorite style. That being said, I was on a mission to find Alexandrite at this show and boy did I find it! This stone was very clean and very big. Alexandrite is one of my favorite colored gemstones simply because of it’s color changing properties in different light. (From teal to fushia) This particular stone was brown. What? Up until this point I had not seen a brown Alexandrite.
– 22 carat gold – A beautiful necklace and matching dangle earrings
– Vintage jewelry – 1940’s Rolex, Black Hills Gold, Alexandrite Ring

Sports | Phoenix Suns Epic Trades

So the last time we talked about the Phoenix Suns, the topic was around injuries, and how it was going to be good for the team for players like Okobe and Shamet to get more playing time. Well, since then Cam Johnson returned to the lineup along with Ayton and Bridges, and the Suns were rollin along putting together a nice win streak when the tremors came! The NBA trade deadline shook The Valley with a blockbuster trade sending Bridges & Johnson to Brooklyn for Kevin Durant. Jae Crowder and Dario Siric also found themselves being shipped out as the cultural core of the suns had been gut like dried up saguaro. Bridges played a large role in setting the cultural tone for the Suns, which is the only NBA team both he and Cam Johnson (referred to as the twins) have known. They helped to build the current landscape and will be tremendously missed by the fan base. I sure hope this time it works out for the Suns.

I’m old enough to remember the previous 2 times they mortgaged their future so aging superstars can retire in the valley of the sun. And make no mistake about it, they mortgaged their future with both Cam Johnson and McHale Bridges. Bridges is already on the cusp of becoming a star in this league and Johnson is no slouch. The Suns future was set to be competitive in the west for the foreseeable future as long as they kept Booker, Ayton, Bridges & Johnson together. Now it’s Brooklyn who has the future, and the Suns? Well they have a short window to win a title with an injury-prone 34 year old superstar…and then? Well, I guess we start over again.

Future Episodes | Phoenix Lights Anniversary March 13th

We’re gonna take a look and revisit the events witnessed by thousands of people in the valley on the night of March 13th, 1997. What have we learned in 26 years about the unusual lights that made their way across Phoenix and up through Prescott.

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